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Why Trini Weddings

TriniWeddings has been named "Wedding Specialist of the Year 2017" by The Luxury Travel Guide which recognizes excellence across all sectors of the travel and tourism industry in Europe, The Americas, Asia and Australia, and Africa and the Middle East.

Hiring TriniWeddings would be the best decision to make if you are getting married

So you are now engaged to your ideal partner and you thought the hard part was over, right?

Wrong. You have a wedding to plan and if you have never thrown a bash more complicated than a dinner party or a “lime”, you have to be feeling a bit overwhelmed. That’s when TriniWeddings can be a Godsend. More couples, especially those with demanding jobs are turning over some or all of their big day preparations to an expert.

Here are the answers to some questions you may be mulling over as you decide whether to seek help from TriniWeddings.

Feeling clueless: We have planned many weddings so we have connections that the average bride would not have. We know where the reception sites are, we know the good caterers, the perfect DJ for your preferred mood – everything you would need for your celebration and we have professional relationships with these vendors. We are able to use our connections to save you time and money.

Feeling a bit intimidated: We are more aware of what contracts entail so that we can prevent a novice bride from overlooking some important fine print. On a less tangible level, we can act as an objective third party and an intermediary and help you negotiate rates with vendors. We can help to smooth things over between quarrelling family members and be the bad guy if needs be, and we know that this is a role that most brides would gladly give up. We also handle sticky situations where etiquette is involved.

A big dreamer: We can also act as your voice of reason if needs be, and bring you down to reality as far as your budgetary priorities are concerned.

A detail hater: We can help you with headache inducing minutia, such as designing a seating chart, confirming information with vendors, selecting the proper wording for your invitations and then proof reading them.

Destination wedding: We are indispensible if you are planning a wedding away from where you currently live. It’s stressful enough planning a wedding in your hometown so why would you not seek guidance when you are planning one across borders?


Marilyn Duncan-Wiltshire
Principal Consultant and Wedding Planner
Certified Wedding Specialist

  Dear Marilyn,

Just a short note to express my immense gratitude for doing such a fantastic job in co-ordinating Tonya and Kareem's wedding. You took an extremely heavy weigh off my shoulders.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I know that you had a very busy day and that you must have been exhausted at the end of it. Again many thanks for everything. We could not have asked for a more dedicated co-ordinator.

Fondest regards,

Sharon Rowley
20th July, 2013
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