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The Role of Today's Groom
27 Oct, 2016

Unlike grooms from previous generations, today’s grooms  tend to have a more active role in the wedding planning process.  In many cases they are older than in previous generations and have clearly defined tastes and preferences.  They are interested in the planning process of selecting a theme, choosing ceremony and reception sites, expressing color preferences and choosing the music for the church as well as the reception.  He is no doubt involved in gift registry selections and he keeps his parents informed regarding wedding plans and vendor interviews.  A critical job for the groom is to compile his share of the guest list and make sure that his parents provide their guest list in a timely manner.

In addition, the groom's list includes:  Selecting the engagement ring - although today's bride is also likely to be involved in the decision, as well as choosing his best man and groomsmen for his part of the wedding party.

The groom works with the bride in choosing his attire and that of the men in the wedding party.  It is usual that the bride's gown choice sets the degree of formality of a wedding, but the groom frequently feels strongly about the look and feel of the formal wear chosen for his attendants.

He selects thank you gifts for members of his wedding party as well as selecting his gift to his bride.  The couple will likely choose the wedding bands together.  It is his traditional job to acquire the marriage license and to arrange for transportation from the ceremony to the reception site.

If there is a receiving line at the reception, he is expected to stand there and greet  the  reception guests.  He dances his first dance with the bride and  also dances with his mother. He may also dance with the bride's mother as well as the maid/matron of honor.  He is also required to make appropriate toasts at both the rehearsal dinner and the reception.


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