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Wedding Day Energy
30 October, 2015

It will be an exciting and event filled day, but it is also a long day and one that can leave you very, very tired once the adrenalin rush subsides.  Your day may begin with hair and makeup appointments and even if the wedding is an evening one, you'll be busy all day with cameras flashing and video rolling. Here are some suggestions that can help conserve the energy necessary to get through the day in style.
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Seven Tips from Wedding Planners
29 October, 2015

Professional wedding planners and designers from WEDDINGS BEAUTIFUL WORLDWIDE (WBW) have lots of helpful hints for brides as they plan their weddings.   While they may not guarantee a bump free road, some preplanning can minimize the likelihood of problems on your big day.
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Writing your own vows
28 October, 2015

As a special way to make their wedding unique, some couples are attempting to write their own vows. If that is in your plans, here are some things to keep in mind as you consider this.
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How to carry Bridal Bouquets
09 October, 2015

To feel confident and self-assured,brides need to make sure they are holding and carrying their bouquets appropriately. Not every bouquet is carried the same way. Typically, the type of bouquet and features of the gown will determine the way the bouquet should be carried. 
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Shower Themes
01 October, 2015

Showers on one's wedding day are supposed to bring the couple good luck but try to find a bride who believes that.  She'd rather have sunshine and pleasant weather.  However, the other kind of shower that is part of the wedding tradition is welcome.
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Gift Registries
01 October, 2015

Guests would prefer to give gifts that they know the couple want and will prize.  They are going to give a gift but would much rather give something sought after.  Help them out and register.Here are some guidelines to help make the registry lists helpful to both you and your guests.
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The Guest List
01 October, 2015

Deciding who to invite and how many to invite are major decisions that will impact much of your wedding planning effort.  But before that decision of who and how many is made, you must do some serious thinking.  You and your finance need to consider what kind of wedding you want. 
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Wedding Invitation Wording: What Not to Include
10 September, 2015

Are you getting ready to order your wedding invitations?  Amber gives you tips on what not to include on your wedding invitations. From how to include your wedding registry and rules regarding inviting children, Amber has you covered. 
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RSVP's (Guest Replies)
03 July, 2015

When selecting items for one’s paper trousseau,  brides should remember to order reply cards and envelopes. These have become “essentials” when attempting to calculate the number of guests to expect at the reception.Even though they are sent with the invitation package, there will always be a number of guests who never bother to reply. Your choice is to go with some industry average that calculates that up to 10% of invited guests won’t attend and won’t let you know they aren’t coming. Plan accordingly therefore and contact those “silent” guests directly and ask if they are planning to attend.
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Wedding Guest Etiquette: Tips for the Ceremony and Reception
10 June, 2015

Want to know how to be a great wedding guest during the wedding? Amber Harrison has you covered with three easy tips that will make you the best wedding guest.
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Edweena Dottin

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