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The Hard Truths of Wedding Planning, According to a Seasoned Planner by Sandy Malone,
05 December, 2016

There are some hard truths to planning — let's call them realities — that I wish all brides and grooms understood, without having to be told. I don't mean these things unkindly; they're simply facts of the wedding planning business. If all clients understood them, I think, the wedding planning experience would be better for both parties. Most wedding vendors love what we do — it's not an easy business, and to be able to design and create and please our clients on their most important day is an emotional experience. But in the end, it is business.
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More Couples Opt for Weddings without Clergy
05 November, 2016

More couples opt for weddings without clergy  - BY JOANNE KLIMOVICH HARROP /

When it came to planning her wedding to Brian Paull, Megan Walsh knew one person who had to be involved in the ceremony — her grandfather, Joseph Walsh Sr. So the couple asked Walsh to officiate the ceremony, which included several family members. Her father walked her down the aisle; both mothers and her grandmother read the Celtic handfasting ceremony, and her other grandfather did a reading. Having a family member or friend officiate a wedding ceremony is a growing trend. According to The Knot Real Weddings Study, 40 percent of couples got married by a family member or close friend in 2015, compared to 29 percent of couples in 2009.

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Setting the Mood with Music
04 November, 2016

Music can set the mood, reflect the theme and cause people to laugh,cry,smile and remember.
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Four Things Your Guests Won't Like
03 November, 2016

Wedding guests aren't likely to complain about certain lapses they perceive at your wedding to you or your family, but they will talk about those "problems" to strangers or other guests.  Wedding planners and consultants  know what  upsets guests and as such, I have decided to start by sharing  just four with you which are within your control.
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Five Things which will please your guests
28 October, 2016

You've invited friends and family to help you celebrate your wedding.  You plan to feed them, entertain them and thank them for being part of your special day.  But in the big picture of your event, it is wise to be reminded of the little things that make it a pleasant experience for your guests.  Here are some of the ideas that guests have remembered and shared with us.
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The Role of Today's Groom
27 October, 2016

Unlike grooms from previous generations, today’s grooms  tend to have a more active role in the wedding planning process.  In many cases they are older than in previous generations and have clearly defined tastes and preferences.  
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Guest Etiquette
13 September, 2016

You have received an invitation to the wedding of a good friend or family member.  Consider it an honor to be selected to help those close to you celebrate a wonderful part of their lives.
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Elegance on a Budget
01 September, 2016

Quiet Elegance is always in style.  And no matter your budget, you can have a "proper" ceremony and reception.  A wedding that is perfect for the two of you is just that - perfect!  Here are some tips to consider.
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Setting the Date!!!!
29 August, 2016

Congratulations!  You are engaged to be married.  Exciting times.  Busy times ahead.  Decisions to be made.   The biggest - setting the date!  As you consider various dates, times and places for your wedding, here are some points to consider.
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The International Wedding Trend Report 2016
15 February, 2016

Wedding Trends Report for 2016.
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