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Six things couples must do for themselves even though they have a Wedding Planner
23 November, 2012

These days many brides say with great relief, “I have a wedding planner. He/she is handling everything for me.” In fact, wedding planners can handle just about every aspect of your wedding, but there are areas that belong exclusively to the bride and groom. I have listed six such areas.
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What every bride should know about her Mother’s role
09 November, 2012

The mother of the bride has a very special place in the wedding planning process. This special role is there whether or not your mother chooses to accept it. For some mothers it is a Herculean task while others embrace it as the role of a lifetime. But what is important in all of this, is that she is included.
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The Role of The Father of The Bride
23 October, 2012

It may not seem like it to him, but I have found that brides who are particularly close to their father worry about him and his feeling as the entire family gets involved in wedding planning. He may feel left out or uncomfortable or just plain bewildered by all of the “craziness” going on around him.
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Wedding Planning Tips
18 October, 2012

We know that it takes a happy combination of events and planning to produce a “perfect” wedding. Here are a few tips from TriniWeddings.
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Centerpiece Ideas (cont'd)
04 October, 2012

I had shared some centerpiece ideas on my blog in July. Here are some more:-
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Avoid being a Bridezilla
26 September, 2012

Now we all realize that the bride and groom are the focal points of this very special day. The wedding and its celebration are milestones in individual lives and family memories. It is a significant social and personal event that deserves the attention given it.
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Is a Wedding Rehearsal necessary?
20 September, 2012

Unless you are planning to elope or have a Civil ceremony, you and your wedding party should participate in a wedding rehearsal. Even if you have been a bridesmaid in six of your friends’ weddings, this is your wedding and you will need to have a run through.
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Are Bridesmaids’ Gifts Necessary?
20 September, 2012

If you are wondering whether you NEED to buy gifts for your bridesmaids, the answer is no. But before you heave a sigh of relief, think about what those 3 or 4 or 5 friends are doing for you. They are buying a dress, shoes and maybe a headpiece of some sort. They are giving up a weekend for you.
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Photo Tips
04 September, 2012

After all the planning and purchasing and partying, what remains are the treasured photographs of your wedding day. For many brides, the album and collections of photos are the most important record of the biggest day of their lives. We have worked with many brides and enjoy seeing their photos when they return from their honeymoon.
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How To Be A Good Guest
16 August, 2012

An invitation is coming your way from a family member or a good friend or both. It is an honor to be selected to help the couple celebrate a wonderful part of their life. If you RSVP with a positive response, you become an official guest at this party.
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 Larry & Denise Largen

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