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Setting the Mood with Music
04 Nov, 2016

Music can set the mood, reflect the theme and cause people to laugh,cry,smile and remember.

For all those reasons, selecting the right music for your ceremony and reception is a critical consideration.  It is a given that music should frame the ceremony - not dominate it and seeking out musical advice from experts is wise.

But before you decide on every tune, make sure you meet with the celebrant or officiant if you are marrying in a church.  Many churches tend to have guidelines to follow for the music used in the church.  So make sure you obtain that information early on in the planning process.  Some may give you a list of music from which you may choose, or others may ask to screen your choices.

Some brides are determined to have specific music played and are pleased that it is approved by the church only to find that the church organist may not be able to play it.  Brides should then seek approval to hire their own pianist/musicians.  More brides are requesting more instruments than just an organ.  Harps, string quartets, dual pianos and brass ensembles are performing at more and more ceremonies.

Just be sure to allow plenty of lead time to clarify issues around music in your wedding.

When making music selections remember that music is to be selected for the prelude, the processional, the ceremony, the recessional and of course, for the reception.  Top musical groups and performers tend to be booked months in advance.  Before you chose, it is wise to "audition" the musicians you are hoping to hire.  See if you can attend a ceremony or reception at which they are playing so you can see how they present themselves and how good they are.

Many brides are opting for music on discs or other electronic media for the reception - especially during the cocktail hour or as background music during dinner.

Couples can create CDs of their favorite music and make it available as thank you gifts for their  guests. 

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