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Current wedding trends
19 Jun, 2017

 Here are some of the 2017 trends.

*Mismatched bridesmaids 

The bride selects a color palette for her wedding and then gives her bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own style gown and their own color favorites within that palette. This can be a wonderful way for large wedding parties to create a unique look for the female members of the party.  It also insures that each of the bridesmaids may in fact, have a dress she will wear again and again.   

*More than just cake  

While wedding cakes remain reception favorites, we are seeing more and more dessert tables with a wide variety of offerings. Some of the most popular are tables of ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, cake pops, diy sundaes and individual cakes as the centerpieces of each guest table.

*Glamour and red carpet gowns are stealing the show.

We are seeing a growing group of gowns which emphasize the bare look.  Deep V necks - both front and back, sheer lace fabric with elaborate bead work, slit skirts and hints of bare skin are actually appearing in weddings and not just in magazine layouts.

*Brunch weddings

These have become popular as a way to both save money for the couple and as a way of offering guests a unique experience. It works very well with a morning ceremony, and gives guests who have traveled out of town, a head start toward home.  For brides who have a full day's activities planned for their guests, a brunch reception leaves time in the day for those special events.

*Sustainable catering

Definitely  becoming a favorite for many couples.  This menu option works well for both indoor buffets and outdoor receptions.  In fact, the focus on sustainable food options and environmentally sound locations make a true statement of what the values of the couple.

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