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The Rehearsal Week
23 Jun, 2017

At Triniweddings we counsel our brides to focus on themselves that last week before their big day.  We like to think of it as the rehearsal before the big event. This last week is a critical time and if you use it wisely, you'll have taken a major step toward a fabulous wedding day.  Plan your time the week before THE EVENT to insure that all goes well on that day.

1.  Do your own Dress Rehearsal.  Put on every piece of clothing that you plan to wear on your wedding day.Put it all on to be  sure it all fits, looks great and is comfortable.

2.  Break in your shoes.  Wear them an hour or more every day and be sure to pack an alternate pair for "just in case".

3.  Double check with your wedding planner and cover all the bases.

4. Clear up any projects you have outstanding at your job. Wrap them up so you don't have to worry about any aspect of work while you are on your honeymoon.

5.  Get more sleep.

6.  Practice saying your vows out loud. Don't just run through them in your mind.

7.  Confirm who is making toasts and when.

8.  Figure out who will be responsible for taking gifts from the wedding and where they will be taken.

9.  Call any key guests who have not sent in their RSVP or ask your maid of honor to do it for you.


10. Double check the seating chart for any last minute adjustments.


11.  Pack your day of survival kit.


12.  Make sure you have the marriage license.


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  Dear Marilyn,

Just a short note to express my immense gratitude for doing such a fantastic job in co-ordinating Tonya and Kareem's wedding. You took an extremely heavy weigh off my shoulders.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I know that you had a very busy day and that you must have been exhausted at the end of it. Again many thanks for everything. We could not have asked for a more dedicated co-ordinator.

Fondest regards,

Sharon Rowley
20th July, 2013
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