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Photo Tips
04 Sep, 2012

After all the planning and purchasing and partying, what remains are the treasured photographs of your wedding day. For many brides, the album and collections of photos are the most important record of the biggest day of their lives. We have worked with many brides and enjoy seeing their photos when they return from their honeymoon. We continue to add to the tips we share with brides on how to insure that they love the results of the photographic record of their wedding day.

  • If the ceremony and reception are going to be big, make sure the photographer you hire works with an assistant at least. Many consultants will say that as a rule, one should plan on one photographer per 100 guests, but a skilled professional with an efficient assistant should be able to handle your ceremony and formal photos without a problem.
  • Reception photos require a few formal shots and some informal/occasion specific photographs.
  • If you have special photos you want taken, be sure to make a list of those shots and review them with the photograph prior to the ceremony. If out of town family members are attending and you want large family shots, let the photographer know that as well.
  • Consider having many of your formal and unique shots taken before the ceremony. Your makeup is fresh, the gown unwrinkled, your hair fabulous and you have the glow of anticipation.Besides, it will cut down on the time spent on photographs before your reception.
  • Spend time before the wedding showing the photographer some photos you’ve had taken in the past that you like. He/She will get a sense of your good side and how best to position you.
  • When you are posing for formal shots, don’t just stand there full face on to the camera. Take a tip from pros and remember to put your weight on your back leg. It doesn’t matter which one – left or right. Then place the other leg slightly in front and face the camera. This will provide a more pleasing angle from which to be photographed.
  • Ask your personal attendant to stay close and have pressed powder and lip-gloss handy for shots. Keep the shine on your face down and on your lips up.

For other tips and advice on how to look your best for those lasting memories, chat with a TriniWeddings professional consultant.

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