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What every bride should know about her Mother’s role
09 Nov, 2012

The mother of the bride has a very special place in the wedding planning process. This special role is there whether or not your mother chooses to accept it. For some mothers it is a Herculean task while others embrace it as the role of a lifetime. But what is important in all of this, is that she is included.

With families frequently separated by miles, jobs, schools or divorce, parental roles have changed. What has not changed is the importance of including your mother in the planning process wherever possible. Occasionally I have met mothers who feel left out of the plans.

It is always great for you to involve your groom in the plans but not to the exclusion of your mother. Your mother can make wonderful suggestions – so solicit her opinions and advice. Chances are that she is experienced in dealing with things like receptions, parties, caterers and florists.

The person who should accompany you when you are selecting your wedding gown should be your mother. Today’s tendency to bring the entire wedding party and solicit each of their opinions on THE GOWN generally is not a productive event. Your mother knows you, your tastes and your dreams. After all, she has known you for all your life.She is also a good resource for choosing wedding accessories and gifts for your attendants. She is the perfect person to take charge of the master guest list. She can eliminate duplicates, help make decisions on the final list and gather the addresses.

Seek advice on, or let her plan the seating arrangements for the reception. She’ll be the one who knows who should sit with whom and who shouldn’t be at the same table.

Among all your friends, she’ll be the best at helping you put things in perspective when you feel overwhelmed by it all. That’s what moms do!However, there may be times when you are inclined to feel that she wants to take over and force you to accept her opinions and advice, but this is the perfect time for you to enter another level of bonding and let her know that it is your big day and your views count too.

I have had to do quite a bit of conflict resolution between brides and their mothers. Some mothers are of the view that because they are financing the wedding, their wants should override the bride’s. A few brides who have opted for DIY weddings have come to Triniweddings for a consultation, just to sort out wedding planning conflicts. So when and if things seem to ever be getting out of hand with mom, a Wedding Consultant may be your best bet!

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Hi Marilyn, I am so grateful to you for the planning and work done for my daughter, Nyasha's wedding. I was totally impressed by your professionalism and efficiency with which you dealt with all the challenges we met along the way. Nothing was too much for you to do and your sincerity in doing so was admirable. I know that we could not have done it without you and we, the Largen family, are forever grateful for your services. Sandals Ochi was beautiful and with your input it was even more so. Everything turned out beautifully and I know that I can easily recommend you to anyone desirous of your expertise. Many many thanks to you.

 Larry & Denise Largen

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