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“Outside of the Box” Reception Ideas
14 Oct, 2013

How about adding a kissing ball to your reception fun? Cover a large foam ball with flowers, slip a 72” ribbon through it and refrigerate it until the reception. Hang the ball in a convenient spot at the reception. Anytime the couple or guests walk beneath it, a kiss is a must.

Instead of having guests tapping their glasses to compel the couple to kiss, place a set of ceramic bells at each table or give them to members of the wedding party. Attach a note to each bell that reads, “When the bell chimes, it’s kissing time”. This effect is much softer and nicer than the clanging of knives against glassware.

Be sure to have instant cameras at each table for fun-filled moments that might not be captured otherwise.

You may want to select the couple who has been married longest and present this “bride” with your bridal bouquet or a special arrangement. This can be done in lieu of “tossing” your bouquet.

While flowers and or candles are the usual table centerpiece choices at the reception, consider the impact of a room full of balloons. They are relatively inexpensive and provide a festive party atmosphere. Keep the color scheme to a maximum of three colors and either scatter the helium- filled balloons throughout the room or cluster them in smaller bunches as table centerpieces. Just remember to make their strings long enough so that they don’t block the views at the tables.

Photographs in varying sizes and in a variety of frames make wonderful centerpieces. Photos of the couple, members of the wedding party and family members, at different stages of life make conversation starters and are a thoughtful way to make everyone a part of the occasion.

For more “out of the box” reception ideas email or call 868 624 4015.

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  Dear Marilyn,

Just a short note to express my immense gratitude for doing such a fantastic job in co-ordinating Tonya and Kareem's wedding. You took an extremely heavy weigh off my shoulders.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I know that you had a very busy day and that you must have been exhausted at the end of it. Again many thanks for everything. We could not have asked for a more dedicated co-ordinator.

Fondest regards,

Sharon Rowley
20th July, 2013
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