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Guidelines For Choosing Your Wedding Gown Style
05 Nov, 2013

When you are shopping for your wedding gown, select a style that is appropriate for your body shape. This key piece of advice is the secret to looking amazing on your special day. Choose a store where the salespersons know what makes you look fabulous and not the gown that they want to get sold.

If you are a petite bride – shorter than 5’4” and small boned, look for gowns that give the illusion of more height like off the shoulder or gowns with vertical lines. Your goal is to draw the eyes upward by keeping details at a minimum and focusing the eye to the bodice area.

If you are tall – usually 5’9” or taller, you can wear a wider variety of shapes. It is best to emphasize your longer proportions. Bias cut skirts and straight designs can be fabulous.

If you are a plus size consider a gown with a skirt that flows from just under the breast to the floor. A-line silhouettes and princess lines work well as well as does heavier fabric like satin.

If yours is a triangle shape – narrower on the top and fuller on the bottom, your goal is to create balance. A V neckline is excellent for you.

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 Larry & Denise Largen

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