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Smart Phones at your Wedding?!
24 Mar, 2014

The proliferation of camera phones has raised a new point of discussion for brides and grooms hoping to capture the essence of their wedding through a professional photographer of some distinction. How to handle wedding guests with cameras in their phones and preserve the privacy and security of the wedding events is a growing challenge. The rules regarding social media are changing especially as it relates to the ceremony. Traditionally the ceremony was about the Bride and Groom. Today social media encourages random acts of mindlessness even though there has been careful detailed planning.

While some couples may embrace the technology, others wonder “how to keep their vows from going viral”. This concern has prompted wedding planners, coordinators and consultants to formulate some guidelines covering social media at weddings.

  • Recognize that most couples make a distinction between the wedding ceremony and its more solemn aspects and the reception with its feel as a celebration.
  • If the bride doesn’t want people to see her in her gown before she goes down the aisle, she needs to make sure her attendants understand that uploading photos of her in that special dress before the ceremony is forbidden.
  • Consultants suggest putting a notice in the program itself which clearly states that this is an “unplugged” ceremony. Reinforce this request by asking the officiant to remind the guests to silence their electronics.
  • Some brides have posted signs at the entrance to the ceremony asking people to refrain from using electronics. Placing a sign at the spot where the guest book is placed is another option.

Social media at the reception seems to be more acceptable. Photo-sharing sites enable guests to down-load reception photos into a designated wedding album which makes it nice for the couple to see lots of the action at their party. As one consultant said, the electronics made it possible for couples to livestream their wedding to friends and family who could not make it to the wedding.

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