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Some ideas for a successful wedding
14 Aug, 2014

It sounds like a no brainer, but one of the most important elements of your day is the timeline. You don’t want to end up paying your vendors overtime charges or keep your guests waiting because some element of your wedding ran late. Staying as close to the timeline as possible is the key to throwing a successful event.

Instead of decking your space out in crazy centerpieces and crystals, focus your energy and money on things like creative entertainment elements. One couple we worked with brought in an artist to paint the party scene. Another hired a caricaturist and guests took home custom portraits at the end of the night. Yet another had a photo booth where guests were provided with two pictures. One was a keepsake and the guests were able to paste the other picture in the guest book and write their greeting underneath. Then again there is the Ad Lib where guests are guided to write fun things about the couple. These kinds of activities really make the experience special for everyone. They also minimize the waiting time while photographs are taken.

While edible and charitable favors are popular, every now and then we see a very specific favor that works great with a fun story or background. For instance, there was a couple who met on an airplane and gave luggage tags as favors. If they’re relevant, small keepsakes can be charming favors.

As your most photographed accessory, your bouquet should harmonize with your gown. Different dress styles and fabrics set the tone for wedding flowers. Think: delicate florals like peonies or lisianthus for a soft lace gown, and architectural blooms like calla lilies or orchids for a modern dress.

Choose arrangements that look like they belong in your venue. Small loose clusters of colorful wild flowers would look out of place in a formal ballroom, while glamorous groupings of all white orchids with crystals would not seem right in a rustic setting.

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My dearest Marilyn, it would be remiss of me to not thank you immensely for the exquisite atmosphere you ensured took place. One guest said "the event was simply opulent"! That was only possible because you were significant in pulling the whole celebration together. Thank you very very much Marilyn.

Warm regards,

Edweena Dottin

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