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Wedding Day Energy
30 Oct, 2015

It will be an exciting and event filled day, but it is also a long day and one that can leave you very, very tired once the adrenalin rush subsides.  Your day may begin with hair and makeup appointments and even if the wedding is an evening one, you'll be busy all day with cameras flashing and video rolling. Here are some suggestions that can help conserve the energy necessary to get through the day in style.

  • Get a good night's sleep the night before.  If your rehearsal and groom's dinner are the night before the wedding, it may be tempting to stay out late and party, but try to get home and snuggled in before the midnight hour.
  • Eat breakfast!  Go for a combination of carbs and protein.  The carbs will give you an initial burst of energy to get you going and the protein will keep you feeling full longer.  Not a fan of a big breakfast?  Try a combo of whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt.
  • Stay hydrated.  Although drinking plenty of fluids can increase bathroom trips (which combined with nerves are not fun for brides in gowns), it is important to have enough fluids in you.  Being dehydrated can result in headaches, weakness, dizziness and can make you cranky.  Don't try to front load all the fluids before noon.  Consume water throughout the day.
  • Pack some snacks.  You may get busy and have no time for lunch.  If yours is an evening wedding, you may go all day without food.  Take neat finger foods that can be nibbled like trail mix.  Avoid any messy foods that can drip on your clothing or may get stuck in your teeth.  Stash some nibbles in the limo or whatever mode of transport is taking you to the reception.
  • Try to avoid a caffeine binge.  Avoid those energy drinks.
  • Eat dinner.  You paid for it, enjoy it.  And watch the alcohol intake. You've worked hard to create a memorable wedding for your family and guests.  A bride with too much to drink is not one of the memories you want to create. 


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